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SpeakOut at krysallis, Harrogate.

Speakout Counselling Services for children, teens and young adults are designed to ease anxiety, explore troubles and smooth the pathway to growing up.

Children between five and 10 can‘t always put their troubles into words.

Counselling with this age group works well through play (puppets, story telling, model making, artwork, sandtray), creating a relaxed setting where the child can find his or her voice. We see parents first to gain an understanding of the issues, and to stress that counselling only works if the child is content to take part.
Home life may benefit from parents joining some sessions. Many children we see are distressed following parental break-up, and unsettled by the ensuing change of circumstances.

Children between eleven and eighteen is the toughest stage for parents and young people alike.

Everyone wants to ‘do’ teenage well, but both generations may struggle for harmony at home. It’s a myth that adolescence ends parent/child closeness: at krysallis we look for ways to keep that connection, whilst recognising that, at least for a while, attitudes and values may clash. Young people have massive changes to manage at this time –they may appear to have all the answers, while privately lacking self-esteem. They want to achieve, but also to break some rules.

SpeakOut sessions can help parents keep this time of turmoil in perspective:


We work with techniques and tools that assess any anxiety and depression


We offer coaching for exam revision, personal statements and interviews for uni, cvs and job applications


We work to boost the emotional health of teenagers under pressure.

to teenagers we say..

“We’re here to listen and let you offload uncomfortable thoughts and feelings”

“Talk to us in confidence. We won’t disclose what’s said unless you’re at serious risk of harm”

“Most commonly, young people want to talk about school stress and family arguments, friendships, boyfriend girlfriend issues…sexuality, money and the lack of it, feeling judged and feeling bad about themselves”

“We work to relieve bullying, self-harm, and the many pressures of social media”

“Counselling may bring up sad stuff, but it’s often energising and fun”

“We’re not here to judge or make decisions for you. Not ever. We’re here to help you find your own best path”

Approaching Adulthood:

Krysallis aims to maximise your wellbeing and ease your way into an increasingly challenging world. We offer discounted sessions for young adults not yet earning. Our assessment tools and coaching techniques can enhance selfawareness and help you make workplace decisions that best suit your skills and personality. Counselling helps you firm up values, priorities and a healthy worklife balance. It’s a good place to explore relationships. Take time in our sympathetic setting to review your achievements and set future goals.

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If you are facing in the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking”

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