workplace counselling

helping to support organisational wellbeing and a happy and healthy workplace.

Our workplace counselling service is usually short term in nature and provides an outsourced and specialist resource for organisations and their employees requiring help.

Life can sometimes present us with challenges and difficulties which leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Work may at times be the source of the problem or performance at work may suffer in the face of personal issues. Whatever the cause or effect, our team of Associates are on hand to provide professional workplace counselling.

Talking, offloading and exploring issues with a workplace counsellor can have huge benefits and help boost the mental health, emotional wellbeing and productivity of the workplace.

We work with you to provide support and assist you in your duty of care and commitment to employee wellbeing.

Work related stress and poor mental health are one of the leading causes of long term lost working days in the workplace.

Why offer workplace counselling?


duty of care


additional support


support employees through major change


emotionally healthy workplace


help alleviate stress


improve performance & productivity


encourage retention & loyalty


Address Sickness/Absence

our workplace counselling team

All of our Workplace Counselling Associates are experienced at working in organisations and supporting employees and adept at providing short-term or time-limited brief counselling.

We provide workplace counselling appointments in the privacy and comfort of our Harrogate premises or alternatively in the workplace setting if this is preferred.

We are always mindful of the different stakeholders involved and will expertly manage any potential conflict between the needs of the client, the organisation, the counselling provision and any additional parties.

All of our Associates are fully qualified, insured, registered and accredited by the BACP (or equivalent)

Believe in who you are, believe in what you do.”

need help?

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, we are here to help.

We provide a range of therapies, counselling, treatments and wellbeing approaches which best match your individual or organisational needs. Our help is always provided by professionally trained therapists with relevant qualifications and membership registrations. Our services are private and confidential and GDPR compliant.

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