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Organisations are increasingly acknowledging the value of engaging employees in wellbeing services that offer support and development in a challenging world and working climates of change and pressure.

Balancing our lives has become increasingly demanding, with employees in the UK continuing to work some of the longest hours in Europe. Many organisations are recognising the negative impact this can have on productivity, leading to stressed cultures, absenteeism, and negative atmospheres in the workplace.

One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point. Whilst most are mild and tend to be short-term, it’s vital that organisations are sensitive and vigilant to their employee’s mental and emotional health and can recognise and respond appropriately. It could be a personal or pre-existing problem which work may aggravate, or one triggered or caused by work-related stress. In all instances, employers have a legal responsibility and duty of care to help their employees.

At krysallis we provide a range of organisational wellbeing services, which incorporate workplace counselling, performance coaching, psychometric analysis and wellbeing consultancy. Our aim is to enable individuals, teams and organisations find solutions to personal and professional challenges and positively contribute to a happier and healthier workplace.

workplace counselling

‘let’s work well’ – our employee support interventions provide independent and additional support for employers and employees across all sectors and in all working environments, helping to support organisational wellbeing and a happy and healthy workplace.

executive peformance coaching

We provide one to one coaching solutions for business individuals and teams; helping them to deal with problems at work and improve performance. We believe that the more an individual learns about their own preferences, aspirations, motivations and areas for development, the greater their performance will be and in managing the performance of others.

wellbeing consultancy

Putting wellbeing at the heart of your business – we can provide expert advice, psychometric analysis, stress and resilience assessments and executive and performance coaching – helping you to build a better, more confident and successful working environment.

psychometric assessment

krysallis are providers of psychometric assessment and development of people in business, whether it be for recruitment, performance coaching, leadership development or wellbeing enhancement, we are here to help.

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Whether you are an individual or an organisation, we are here to help.

We provide a range of therapies, counselling, treatments and wellbeing approaches which best match your individual or organisational needs. Our help is always provided by professionally trained therapists with relevant qualifications and membership registrations. Our services are private and confidential and GDPR compliant.

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