hypnotherapy + NLP

utilise natural inner resources & potential to achieve desired goals and personal change

Krysallis provide hypnotherapy within a framework of counselling and psychotherapy, helping people to utilise their natural inner resources and potential to achieve desired goals and personal change. By helping people to access naturally occuring hypnotic states, we can help people to make lasting changes to negative and limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

what can hypnotherapy help?

Although hypnotherapy is not a panacea, there are many areas where it can be a useful and dynamic therapeutic tool – helping people to:


stop smoking


control weight


eat healthily


manage stress


sleep better


increase confidence


stop unwanted habits


conquer fears & phobias


improve business & personal achievements


overcome allergies

Hypnosis is not a form of sleep, but a raising of conscious awareness, where we reach a state of mind in which suggestions are acted upon much more powerfully than is possible under normal conditions. During this heightened focus and awareness, suggestions appear to go directly into the unconscious mind and skilled hypnosis channels the trance to achieve some desired result, like relaxation.
It is important to understand that hypnosis allows you MORE control rather than LESS, there is no surrender of will, or loss of consciousness, and it is a safe and client centred approach to creating the changes you aspire to.

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N.L.P is another therapeutic medium which can bring about accelerated human change. NLP helps us to see how we structure our subjective experiences – our internal worlds – from what we see, hear and feel and how in turn our mental world shapes what we allow ourselves to see, hear and feel.

In a business context, NLP can help us to understand what leaders do and how they get their results, so that we can take the parts that suit us and that fit with our values and beliefs. We don’t copy them – we learn from them to achieve our goals. It also provides practical ways of developing these skills. It is a valuable guide on a leader’s journey – but an equally valuable guide on a personal journey.

need help?

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We provide a range of therapies, counselling, treatments and wellbeing approaches which best match your individual or organisational needs. Our help is always provided by professionally trained Associates with relevant qualifications and membership registrations. Our services are private and confidential and GDPR compliant.

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