how to get help for problem gambling

If problem gambling is affecting you or someone close to you, where can you turn for support and what will that support be like?

As individuals we are often apprehensive about asking for help, we feel we should be able to manage alone, we think that seeking help may be a sign of weakness, we worry that being open with someone may lead to us being judged.

Please be assured that this is not the case, we all need help sometimes, we will not judge, we are here to help and support you.


What support is available for problem gambling? 


There are many avenues of support you can take, below are the main UK-based services available to you.


The National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS)


NGTS provides non-judgemental, free, specialist and confidential treatment for anyone experiencing gambling related harms. 

There is no wrong door for accessing treatment, all of the organisations within the NGTS work together in providing the most appropriate package of care and treatment options for each individual.




The National Gambling Helpline 


The National Gambling Helpline is often the first service that people contact, it is run by GamCare, the leading national provider of free advice and support for anyone affected by problem gambling. This number is free to call and there is a live chat option available. 

Phone: 0808 8020133

Live chat:




GamCare provide telephone and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The helpline can offer support and information and can also give you details of the recovery services available, and if you chose, take your details and refer you to the most appropriate service within the NGTS for your needs. GamCare also provides a forum and online chat groups for  gamblers and their family and friends.

GamCare work in partnership with a number of agencies throughout the UK to provide, one to one and group, therapeutic support delivered face to face, online or by phone. 







krysallis (us!) are one of the GamCare partner agencies and we provide free support and treatment in Yorkshire and Humberside and the surrounding areas.  We also offer online counselling and our new walk and talk therapy service. If you’re unsure whether your (or your family member’s) gambling is problematic and would benefit from therapy, we have a self assessment tool available  on our website

We also have links to helpful resources on our website such as how to self-exclude from gambling services, to read more about that, click here


To contact us directly: 

Phone: 01423 857939





Gordon Moody Association


The Gordon Moody Association offers residential treatment, retreat programmes and recovery housing.





Other available NGTS support services: 


NHS Northern Gambling Service and the London Problem Gambling Clinic  provide treatment especially for people with more severe addictions or with complex physical or mental health needs.

There are also other independent mutual aid services that offer valuable support for anyone impacted by problem gambling: 

Gamblers Anonymous –

GamAnon –



What to expect from problem gambling support? 


Step 1 – Registration


When we speak with you initially we are there to help you to feel comfortable and support you and will ask you some questions about what you are experiencing. 


We will ask for contact details and check with you your preferred form of contact. 


We will give you details of our services and confidentiality and discuss with you what might be most helpful. We can also give you details of other services that may be of help such as debt advice and mental health support.


Step 2 – Initial discussion


The next step is that you will be referred to one of our experienced and skilled assessors. They will contact you to book in a telephone assessment appointment at your earliest convenience. We endeavour to arrange your assessment within, at most, a few days of your referral. The assessment is simply to find out more about how we can best help and to recommend the most appropriate and efficacious support for you. 


You will set your own targets for treatment, for example whether you wish to stop or reduce your gambling, rebuild trust within a relationship damaged by gambling or learn positive coping strategies to manage stress or boredom. 


Step 3 – Ongoing counselling


Your treatment sessions are time and support for you to make the changes you wish to make, where possible these will commence within a few days of your assessment. 


All of our treatment practitioners are qualified therapists with specific training on working with problem gambling and its consequences. 


We will formulate a bespoke care plan with you and work collaboratively with you in reaching your recovery targets through individualised support, utilising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies, Motivational Interviewing and other useful therapeutic tools. 


krysallis can also support you in a referral to another organisation within the NGTS if you feel this would be better suited to your needs.


Please do not hesitate to contact krysallis or GamCare if we can be of any help or support. 


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