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Breakthrough, our online group supports your recovery from problem gambling. We aim to reduce the harm associated with gambling by looking at different aspects of gambling and gambling recovery. This group is open to both those who want to stop gambling and to those who hope to control and reduce their gambling.

Breakthrough is led by experienced and highly skilled facilitators and designed to enable you to learn from and support each other both within and if you choose outside of the group.

Breakthrough is a six week course and runs throughout the year on a rolling programme, enabling you to join at any point in the year.

Anyone who is concerned about their gambling can join. You may already have accessed or be accessing GamCare one to one support and feel that you need further support or you may not have had previous support.

To join this course you will need to have a laptop, Mac, PC or tablet with a webcam and microphone (unfortunately a phone does not have a big enough screen) and to have or create a free Skype account

We offer a mixed group, a women only group and a men only group.

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