Counselling isn’t only for people experiencing difficulty or distress. Many people feel lost and a good way for gaining clarity and alignment with your life purpose is to speak to a trained life coach or therapist about it. Here we explain how counselling for self discovery can help you and what it all means.


How can counselling help you find yourself? 


Do you ever feel curious about yourself? When others look at you, what is it they see? Ever wondered: who am I, really, and how did I become this person? Perhaps you have a sense of that ‘becoming’ and are exploring the potential for change in your life.

Such questions often arise in the minds of reflective individuals – and often remain unanswered; who has the time to address them seriously?


Counselling for self discovery

At krysallis we believe that this is time well spent. Self discovery can no longer be dismissed as self indulgence. Life is faster, more demanding of our flexibility and resourcefulness every day. We are called on to be endlessly adaptable, endlessly responsive as we perform a sometimes bewildering variety of roles via an expanding range of media. When we feel on top of this it can be exciting and stimulating but all too often the sense is of being dragged along by events, passengers in our own lives, overwhelmed by the demands on attention and decision-making.

Learning more about ourselves is vital if we are to hold on to what we really need and value while being unafraid to let go of what we have outgrown or been handed by someone else. If we are to have any chance of understanding and appreciating others, of making sense of the complexity and sheer diversity of the relationships in all our lives, we must arrive at a deeper understanding of who we are. All therapists know this because personal development is the foundation of counsellor training. Greater self- awareness will enhance relationships and allow you to feel more securely grounded in an increasingly unstable world.