The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world and I know that each and everyone of us have been impacted by this, some in tragic ways.

I know that I am in a very fortunate position, the following is simply an expression of my feelings and thoughts.

For me the worst thing has been the loneliness, living alone I miss face to face contact with people, my daughters, my friends, my family, my colleagues. I am lucky to have my animal companions and some fantastic neighbours over the fence, so I am not as isolated as many.

I feel sad and alone at times, then at other times I can be grateful for modern technology. I joined a virtual birthday party for my brother down in Wales and face-timed with my lovely niece in Tasmania, I speak to my daughters and colleagues daily.

The other impact is I feel guilty, when I leave the house to walk the dog briefly I wonder if others are judging me- I have no idea why because they too are out of their houses! I have had a residual cough for the last few months and again I am worried if I was to cough when out of the house that I will be treated like a pariah.  Other than walking the dog I have barely left the house. Initially I was worried that if I had contracted the virus I could pass it on to others, now conversely I am worried that I may contract it or may cough in public.

I am going to have to leave the house for essentials and I am both anxious about this but also I have to admit I am excited! To do normal things, albeit carefully and whilst following all guidelines, in a rather abnormal way and to feel a part of society (whilst social distancing).

All of this makes me incredibly thankful for my life and the people in it, I hope that I will not take day to day things, being a part of peoples’ lives, a community and society for granted in the future.