Through these difficult days I find applying structure helps, routines work well for me, so getting up at the same (similar) time every day suits well me.
 I’ve been in the garden most days and getting jobs done that I’ve put off, or haven’t had time to do, for months; no groundbreaking projects to write home about I’m afraid. As we move foward through this global crisis I’m sure (maybe) I’ll be able to look back and appreciate my work (decluttering).
My focus now.
I have one eye on my main employment at the moment, I’ve been self-isolating for 2 weeks, (my son had symptoms but I think we’re in the clear) and plan to restart my full-time job, as a heating engineer, on Tuesday. Restarting is what it will feel like too, only emergency jobs allowed, to lessen the chance of catching or spreading the coronavirus (incredibly grounding realisation for me there!)
I have been lucky that my few GamCare client’s are happy with web-cam or phone. Needless to say this new situation has required focus and lots of immediacy. 
I’m thinking that the fall-out from the situation is unpredictable right now but I do worry how online gambling may impact. So difficult to gauge right now don’t you think?
I really welcome anyone else’s views/thoughts/ideas on the GamCare subject.
Where I’m at.
Right now, for me, it all feels like an adjusting period after the suddenness/shock of it all, but the new social realities/constraints are slowly sinking in.
My own ‘ways’ of self-help, counselling skills and mantras have become more important to me: focusing on what is in my control and what is not. Understanding that the whole situation we find ourselves in is fluid, so at some point must pass, ‘cherry-picking’ (sorry, a bit cheesy!) what I can get whilst in the midst of all this, (decluttering, interaction)
Another mantra for me is by staying in the ‘grey area’ more – this is by keeping away from the ‘black and whites”, ‘must’s and should’s’ and being o.k with the not knowing/needing to have all the answer’s right now, this also creates a space for me to ‘be.’ I pick when I want to listen to the news, to regulate it so it doesn’t get too overwhelming, and I’m particularly choosy with the media-stories per se- cherry picking the facts best I can.
On top of this I’m juggling my family (not literally) and their individual needs-I could go on and on but it’s mainly the usual day-to-day teenage stuff lol.
Stay safe.. all the very best to you all..
Robert Baker
 Gamcare Practitioner