‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’


Children are raised on tales of change and transformative happy endings. Clark Kent becomes Superman to combat crime. The fairytale frog is kissed into a prince and four ordinary children become Kings and Queens in Narnia, a world they redeem from everlasting winter.

It is interesting though, that as adults, we may grow up to resist change, and to view the unknown with suspicion. Scientists say that our primitive brain – the limbic system makes us fear uncertainty. This is why we favour the familiar, although often uncomfortable, rather than step into an unknown, but possibly more enriching future.

We question our ability to make change, we make excuses, we blame others or circumstances, we postpone. Maybe next year I’ll sign up for that course, adopt a cat, spend more time with people…. We could be closer as a couple if his ex wasn’t so demanding, if we had fewer issues with the kids, if I lost a stone, if he told me what he’s feeling…. What if I fail or things are worse?

All around us the natural world displays the message that nothing stays the same: seasons change, snakes shed their skins, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the ugly duckling, well, thanks to Hans Christian Andersen we all know how that turns out. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable, so could we embrace it, and shape it to enhance our wellbeing?

Therapy is a process for positive change. Making that first contact is a brave step, but it does mean that you are no longer alone. krysallis therapists are all qualified, skilled and experienced to be alongside you on whatever journey of change you seek. They won’t dictate the destination, your goals; they can, however, lend you a figurative compass, point out alternative routes, equip you with useful tools to ease and enable your journey.

Counselling can give a troubled child somewhere safe to find relief through play and puppets. CBT or counselling can enable teenagers and adults to express their feelings and acquire techniques to boost their confidence and build resilience. Life coaching enables clients to harness and promote their strengths, identify personal and professional goals and the steps needed to fulfill them. Working with couples can transform their communication, break negative patterns and add enduring enrichment to a relationship. Families can learn to focus on solutions not problems, to have fun and to talk in order to get the best from one another.

Some people imagine that therapy requires a significant personality change. The truth is that small changes brought about through therapy can make a meaningful difference to those you love and care about in life – and most of all, a positive transformation in your own life.