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Coronavirus part 6- Mandy’s journal

  The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world and I know that each and everyone of us have been impacted by this, some in tragic ways. I know that I am in a very fortunate position, the following is simply an expression of my feelings and thoughts. For me the worst...

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Coronavirus part 5- Amanda’s journal

For the last ten years I have periodically been told by healthcare professionals that if I were to get flu I would die, and so have become accustomed to the reality of my own fragile mortality – who would have thought that learning to accept this would one day become...

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Coronavirus part 4- Madeleine’s journal

Smoked Salmon in the time of Corona Of course we saw the edict coming…but when the day came, and I drove home from our Harrogate office, the lock-downed world tilted and I felt bereft. That taken-for-granted pleasure of going into work with great colleagues, seeing...

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Coronavirus part 3- Melanie’s journal

Reflecting on the impact of the situation surrounding Coronavirus upon my life, I have identified both positive and negative aspects; unexpectedly, the positive ones out-weighing the negative ones by far! Many aspects of myself have been reinforced. Whilst I love...

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Coronavirus part 2- Rob’s journal

Through these difficult days I find applying structure helps, routines work well for me, so getting up at the same (similar) time every day suits well me.
 I've been in the garden most days and getting jobs done that I’ve put off, or haven't had time to do, for...

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Coronavirus part 1- Paddy’s journal

I think I'm writing a blog but forgive me if this is something else entirely. Nothing is particularly clear right now - what once felt real is distant, what feels unreal is near. The imagined terror and unease I would occasionally experience when watching a Black...

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Coronavirus and our mental health

With the impact of the corona virus affecting us all, how are we coping on the inside? Sometimes we might not share how we feel with others and we may think that we are not coping as well as others. Anxiety is a natural feeling that we all experience at times, a...

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Let’s talk about depression…

Have you ever been so completely overwhelmed and felt that you can’t cope, that you just can’t go on? Worthless, hopeless, hating yourself, believing that things will never get better, you will never feel any better than you do right now? The emotional pain is...

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Can we help?

Are you worrying about your gambling or someone else’s gambling? Do you find you are preoccupied, that you are struggling to focus on other aspects of life, do you feel embarrassed, guilty, alone or isolated? Is it impacting on your mental health, your wellbeing, your...

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Do you really care?

I originally began training as a counsellor with the goal of helping at least one person to feel like someone actually cared about them.  I had known what it felt like to live in a world with millions of people yet feel like nobody cared and it hurt to think of others...

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