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Here you can find advice from our therapists and those with lived experience on topics such as mental health,  addictions and wellbeing.

How To Make The Most Out Of Online Therapy Sessions

Online therapy is fast becoming a necessity for therapists to be able to communicate with and support clients. Many people find they actually prefer remote therapy from the comfort of their own home, particularly as we face more restrictions and local lockdowns in the...

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How can meditation help your mental health?

With apps like Headspace and Calm helping meditation accessible to the masses there's no denying that the benefits of meditation are becoming more obvious and the practice becoming more mainstream across the world. With more of us realising how it can help our mental...

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How to combat stress and anxiety about starting university

Results day was likely a mixed bag of excitement and uncertainty, for both students and parents. If you were able to secure a place at uni, you’ve possibly left home with your laptop, your shiny new kettle and high hopes for your chosen course. It’s exciting but...

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Gambling addiction: Steve’s story

  Steve shares his story of gambling addiction and his recovery journey. I wanted to take some time to write this post about my experiences with gambling, how I led up to where I am now and ultimately seeking the help of GamCare to overcome my addiction and to...

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How to build your self-esteem

Self-esteem is how we perceive and feel about ourselves. We all have times where we doubt ourselves and question our value. But if you find that this is happening frequently, this will understandably be having a very negative impact on your confidence and mood. Low...

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How to get help for problem gambling 

If problem gambling is affecting you or someone close to you, where can you turn for support and what will that support be like? As individuals we are often apprehensive about asking for help, we feel we should be able to manage alone, we think that seeking help may...

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Tips to Help Manage Anxiety

We all experience anxiety at times, anxiety is a normal response to our perception of threat. What we perceive as threatening can vary, we would all feel anxious if we anticipate we are about to trip over or perhaps if we are going to a job interview, but we can also...

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