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How to Cope with Coronavirus-Induced Anxiety

The Coronavirus lockdown is having an increasingly negative impact on mental health globally. The World Health Organisation has now recognised that the longer lockdown is extended, the more it affects our stress levels. While we can’t predict how long this will last,...

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How does online counselling work?

Online counselling gives you the chance to speak to a therapist online without having to meet them face to face. Often called e-counselling or remote therapy, speaking to someone online or over the phone is helpful for people who need counselling but cannot get to a...

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5 Books to Read to Improve your Mental Wellbeing

If the Coronavirus lockdown has left you feeling anxious or depressed - or if you're struggling with addiction or low self-confidence - and are interested in learning more about why you feel that way, self-help books could be a step in the right direction. Whether...

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How to self-exclude from gambling

If you are finding that your gambling has increased in the present circumstances, or you are concerned that it may increase when lockdown ends, there are measures you can take to protect yourself. Gambling blocks, barriers or self-exclusions can help if you want to...

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Wellbeing Tips for Couples in Lockdown

For many couples, lockdown has catapulted them into greater closeness than most ever imagined.  You may both still be working outside the home or in far-flung corners of the kitchen, but social isolation means that some...

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Signs that your gambling maybe problematic

Problem gambling can often go unnoticed and sometimes it is difficult to determine whether it is a problem. Problem gambling refers to gambling behaviours that negatively impact your life. In this blog, we will outline signs that indicate that you may have an issue...

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Wellbeing tips for families in isolation

2020 has surprised us all, all over the world people are having to adapt to a new way of living, factoring COVID-19 and reducing its spread into everything that we do. Lockdown has enforced very different demands on family life.  Parents are now full time teachers and...

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Coronavirus part 7- Jenny’s journal

If you’d told me even two months ago the immediate future would hold a social distancing / lockdown period, like many, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are, caught in what feels like a surreal bubble for an unknowable period of time. While listening to the...

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Coronavirus part 6- Mandy’s journal

  The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world and I know that each and everyone of us have been impacted by this, some in tragic ways. I know that I am in a very fortunate position, the following is simply an expression of my feelings and thoughts. For me the worst...

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