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How to get help for problem gambling 

If problem gambling is affecting you or someone close to you, where can you turn for support and what will that support be like? As individuals we are often apprehensive about asking for help, we feel we should be able to manage alone, we think that seeking help may...

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Tips to Help Manage Anxiety

We all experience anxiety at times, anxiety is a normal response to our perception of threat. What we perceive as threatening can vary, we would all feel anxious if we anticipate we are about to trip over or perhaps if we are going to a job interview, but we can also...

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Best Apps to Manage Stress and Anxiety

  The idea of practicing mindfulness can be alien to many people who don’t know where to begin. If you like the idea of self care and improving your mental wellbeing by taking some time for you each day, then there are apps out there that can help. Here we...

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How to support a friend or loved one with depression

  If your friend or loved one is experiencing depression, you will want to try to help. If you haven’t experienced depression yourself, you may feel like you don’t know how to act and worry about what you should or shouldn’t say or do. If you're concerned that...

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5 Podcasts for Mental Health and Wellbeing

  Whether you’re suffering with your own mental health or want to understand more and support someone who is, podcasts can be an easy way to make sense of mental health and listen to stories from others experiencing similar issues. Research has shown that...

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Post Quarantine Anxiety: How to Cope

How are you feeling about lockdown easing? There is no normal or right response to this, we are all individuals with our own way of thinking and processing circumstances and uncertainty.  Some of us may feel relieved that there is a glimmer of returning to...

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Find your focus: How to stop procrastinating

“I don’t procrastinate; I delegate things to my future self” Since the lockdown, whether you're working from home or not working at all, many of us are lacking motivation and feel tired and fatigued from doing barely anything. Our brains like to associate certain...

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How to improve your sleep during lockdown

At krysallis, we’re working hard to ensure our clients and staff are as healthy and happy as possible during lockdown. One key aspect of wellbeing our therapists often focus on is sleep. The benefits of a good night’s rest are abundant, and as an organisation with a...

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