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Christmas: Mental Health and Wellbeing Tips

  Christmas is often labelled ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, filled with happiness and cheer, spending time with friends and family away from work and stress. However, for many who are alone, have experienced loss or strained family relationships,...

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Looking After Your Mental Health This Winter

December can bring mixed feelings for most and especially this year. For some there’s excitement about upcoming Christmas celebrations, spending time with loved ones, giving and receiving presents, eating and enjoying yourself. On the other hand, this year more than...

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Safer Gambling Week: krysallis and NGTS

Lockdown number 2 is nearly over but we are still living in a world of R rates and restrictions. Although the focus is on COVID-19, the economy and politics, the issues we experienced pre-Coronavirus haven’t gone away and in fact, they may well be exacerbated by...

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Managing A Life On Hold Due To COVID-19

Many of us plan how our lives will turn out, when we want to reach certain ‘milestones’ and how that will make us happier. We put age goalposts to these milestones; buying a house, getting married, having children, starting a business, retiring. With great plans can...

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How Does Family Counselling Work?

Families can be a safe haven of support, respect and love but often relationships within them can become strained.  ‘Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful’ states a popular fridge magnet. That is, indeed the gold standard of dynasties the...

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Gambling Addiction: Karl’s Story

Karl shares his story of gambling addiction and his recovery journey so far.   My gambling journey started in 2015 when I had a cycling accident and broke my shoulder and my collarbone. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my injury I was unable to wear a cast so...

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How To Rebuild a Broken Relationship in 2020

  Behind the fear and the fever, the masks and the Rule of Six, there’s another kind of COVID crisis happening to couples in 2020. According to Citizens Advice, the pandemic is creating an "enormous strain" on relationships, with website searches on separation...

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How To Make The Most Out Of Online Therapy Sessions

Online therapy is fast becoming a necessity for therapists to be able to communicate with and support clients. Many people find they actually prefer remote therapy from the comfort of their own home, particularly as we face more restrictions and local lockdowns in the...

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How can meditation help your mental health?

With apps like Headspace and Calm helping meditation accessible to the masses there's no denying that the benefits of meditation are becoming more obvious and the practice becoming more mainstream across the world. With more of us realising how it can help our mental...

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How to combat stress and anxiety about starting university

Results day was likely a mixed bag of excitement and uncertainty, for both students and parents. If you were able to secure a place at uni, you’ve possibly left home with your laptop, your shiny new kettle and high hopes for your chosen course. It’s exciting but...

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